WWW Wednesday, 28-September-2016


It’s time for WWW Wednesday!,First meme of this month.

This is a blog hop hosted by Sam over at A World Of Words.

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What are you currently reading?8f6e2e9bbf46256ddb0dedad0f835147

Yes, I’m finally reading The Wrath & the Dawn (The Wrath and the Dawn #1) by Renee Ahdieh .

Well this month i’ll only be reading the first books in the series.I’m a little busy this month but hope i’ll finish at-least the books in my TBR.

I’m very much excited for this one.will be sharing my thoughts on this book soon!..

What did you recently finish reading?


I finished The 5th wave by Rick Yancey last month and then i got busy,So yeah that was my recent read.I really liked this one.you can read My-Review.This book was worth reading.

What do you think you’ll read next?


I’ll be reading “I’ll give you the sun”.This book is recommended by one of my friends and as it is the first book ,i’ll be reading it this month.

I have higher expectations for this book and i hope it’ll be worth reading coz i’m really working hard to make time to read anything.

So, these were my 3-answers.What about you?


What are you reading this week?🙂

The 5th wave by Rick Yancey (spoiler free)

Hey guys!,I finally make time to review this book.I reread this book in august,it was such a good month where as this month comes with a curse.First i was so busy and i couldn’t read and  now I am having reading slumps!(Yes!..I am having reading slumps).You wouldn’t believe how much i loved the kiss of deception and i was so excited for the next book.But now i couldn’t even read “The heart of betrayal” it’s bad,It’s very bad!.PS-This month hate me.

Well enough about me let’s focus on the book.



After the 1st wave, only darkness remains. After the 2nd, only the lucky escape. And after the 3rd, only the unlucky survive. After the 4th wave, only one rule applies: trust no one.

Now, it’s the dawn of the 5th wave, and on a lonely stretch of highway, Cassie runs from Them. The beings who only look human, who roam the countryside killing anyone they see. Who have scattered Earth’s last survivors. To stay alone is to stay alive, Cassie believes, until she meets Evan Walker. Beguiling and mysterious, Evan Walker may be Cassie’s only hope for rescuing her brother-or even saving herself. But Cassie must choose: between trust and despair, between defiance and surrender, between life and death. To give up or to get up.


The 5th Wave is an emotionally intense science fiction adventure set in the aftermath of an alien invasion that has killed billions.

This is an excellent book. Rick Yancey, has delivered a remarkable tale that manages to revitalize the idea of an alien invasion, in which the aliens are brutally efficient without ever apparently leaving their space ship in orbit around the Earth. Although, admittedly, this book does not have any truly original ideas, all the elements it takes from other novels are pieced together in a way that makes them uniquely its own, and the characters are so strong that you do not care about any derivative tendencies.I fell in love with almost all the characters of the book instantly specially cassie and cute Sam.This is easily one of the best books I have read.Really excited to read next book in series.I’ll give oit 4/5 stars.

I’have quit the heart of betrayal and started “The Wrath and the dawn” may this book break my reading slumps.


“Cruelty isn’t a personality trait. Cruelty is a habit.”
― Rick Yancey, The 5th Wave

WWW Wednesday, 31-August-2016

It’s time for WWW Wednesday! This is a blog hop hosted by Sam over at A World Of Words. Link up with us by commenting on Sam’s post for today, and just answer the three questions.


What are you currently reading?21569527._SY180_.jpg

I’m currently reading The Heart Of Betrayal (The Remnant Chronicles #2) by Mary E. Pearson.The first book in this series was The Kiss Of Deception I read it few months back and it was really good.I’ll be sharing my views on both the parts very soon.Stay Tuned.

What did you recently finish reading?51w3tUoshzL._AC_SY148_

I  have recently finished The 5th wave by Rick Yancey.I finished it yesterday and i actually liked it.My brother suggested to watch the movie instead of reading the book but he don’t know how much fun reading it is then just watching the whole story in 3 hours.Well I’ll be posting my review soon.May be after my wrap-up and TBR. God! i have a lot of work to do.

What do you think you’ll read next?51mECahuRjL._AC_UL115_.jpg

I think i’ll read the infinite sea next.It’s the second book in the 5th wave trilogy and i’m really excited to see what happens next.This is the one thing i love when you finish the book the next one is waiting for you rather than you waiting for the next book .I’m such an impatient person.

What are you reading this week?🙂