December’16-TBR! X)

Hey guys! so, finally my exams are over and i can come back to my reading routine.As December is very special month i wanna read the best of books.

December TBR!

So i decided to start throne of glass as i loved “court of thorn and roses”.I also finally decided to read “Since you’ve been gone”,this book is in my pending list from a long time and it would really curse me if i didn’t finish it this year.Their are a lot of pending books that i should finish this year.Well now i think this post should be called Pending TBR!.

Fingers crossed i will try my best to finish them all before new year.


September TBR!-2016

Hey! guys,so its time to discuss my September TBR!,well it’s been more than a week since i last posted and i’m having a little preview of how my September will going to be.I’m very busy this month.But no worries, i’ll try to show up once in a week.


So enough about me!.Let’s talk about the books.This month i’ll start the series i have been waiting for so long to read and i’ll try to complete them too.In short

September will be (first book in the series month)

I don’t wanna depress myself by setting a higher goal and completing nothing.Well as i told you that September will be unraveling the first book in series month,so i’ll be reading court throne roses series,the wrath and the dawn series and Anna and the french kiss trilogy.I may start The Darkest Mind trilogy too-fingers crossed.Hope i can read more,God! why world have other stupid work beside reading.September please be good with me.

This is my Tinny,Tiny September TBR!.Hope your’s bigger is than mine and this month is showing mercy on you…💜




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Hello! guys, First the great news i got my 4th semester result and i scored 91%.I mean ya i did it,i’m amazing.Well it was pretty hard for my parents to believe that i score so good, cause according to them i’m wasting time reading these novels.But i finally made two things clear.First, i’m not wasting time i’m utilizing it by reading these and second, i can do more than one work at a time(you see my brain work faster than they think).Well its not their fault too.if you always sitting,walking,sleeping with a novel in your hand they will ask questions.

So coming to the point, this is my “August TBR(to be read)” books. Hope i finish them soon.I ‘m really excited about the Harry Potter and The Cursed Child ,Rebels of the sand, Glass Sword and Unravel me cause you know how mind blowing “Red Queen“,”Shatter me” and harry potter’s previous books were.Well if you don’t know its okay cause i’ll be reviewing the previous parts of some of these books.

I’m super excited for Rebels of the sand as it is recommended by my favorite book-tuber Sasha Alsberg. She’s such a sweet heart.And  i’ll also be reading  the kiss of deception on a friend’s recommendation as she’s crazy for this book.Hope i like it too.if you have any recommendations or warning for reading any of these books do mention it in comments.

Thank you for reading.(love you all)💜💜💜💜💜……