WWW Wednesday, 31-August-2016

It’s time for WWW Wednesday! This is a blog hop hosted by Sam over at A World Of Words. Link up with us by commenting on Sam’s post for today, and just answer the three questions.


What are you currently reading?21569527._SY180_.jpg

I’m currently reading The Heart Of Betrayal (The Remnant Chronicles #2) by Mary E. Pearson.The first book in this series was The Kiss Of Deception I read it few months back and it was really good.I’ll be sharing my views on both the parts very soon.Stay Tuned.

What did you recently finish reading?51w3tUoshzL._AC_SY148_

I  have recently finished The 5th wave by Rick Yancey.I finished it yesterday and i actually liked it.My brother suggested to watch the movie instead of reading the book but he don’t know how much fun reading it is then just watching the whole story in 3 hours.Well I’ll be posting my review soon.May be after my wrap-up and TBR. God! i have a lot of work to do.

What do you think you’ll read next?51mECahuRjL._AC_UL115_.jpg

I think i’ll read the infinite sea next.It’s the second book in the 5th wave trilogy and i’m really excited to see what happens next.This is the one thing i love when you finish the book the next one is waiting for you rather than you waiting for the next book .I’m such an impatient person.

What are you reading this week?🙂

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Juhi💜-Girl who reads

Hello! I'm Juhi Dwivedi,a delhi girl with the deep and abiding love for books, food🍔 🍟 🍕 🍭 🍻 🍴, sherlock and writing world. I like to paint, hang out with friends and go on adventures that will create lasting memories (cheesy as it sounds, it's true!). I believe READING OPENS UP DOORS TO MAGICAL WORLDS WHERE WE CAN LIVE THOUSANDS OF LIVES! Thanks for reading and I hope you like my blog. “Never, ever apologize for something that makes someone smile. 🌸🌼🌺 💜 ✨ 😍 😍 😚 ✌️

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